Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Long distance relationships

Okay i know this is a tough one.
Have you ever been in one?
I'm in one right now and i tell you its so hard but we're still holding on.
Its almost 10 months now and we've not seen. It hurts sooo much.
I guess it will be worth it in the end. Sometimes its just depressing. I just coil up and wish i was in his arms. When i miss him i just cry. This is one of the hardest things i've experienced in my life. Hopefully we'll get through it and have a wonderful story to tell.


Anonymous said...

10 months, how do you do it Girl, get yourself a webcam like stat!!

WeirdGurl said...

We communicate through every other way apart from calls. Calls is once in a while. we use webcams though not frequently. we text a lot & also emails. Its just that every other person in long distance talk a lot on phone. My sister and her boyfriend are also far apart but he calls every time. & some other friends too.

Anonymous said...

Eyah, This is most def how i use to the worst..I hate it. its just sooo difficult but gurl i wish all the best..

Tininu said...

hmmmm, this ideas are already set in stone.....they dont work..end of discussion...funny i just put up a post about it... but i wish you good luck and i admire you for being strong

AJIKE said...

aww sweets don't worry uld be fine, am in one but its only 3 months, we have been together for about five years..ok enuff of my story telling, before i write my whole life history on ure post

But trust me uld be fine..i guess its the friendship that matters!


yankeenaijachick said...

Are u located abroad?
Do you really love this bobo?
Do you trust his actions when you are away?
How does he respond on phone?

You got to ask yourself this questions and answer them really fast. You are babyface, young and shouldn't be stressed in any relationship. I think it is okay to date and at the same time keep in touch with this bobo. So that u don't loose both ways.

dami said...

i am in one or should i say am just leaving one ...well we did this for 2year. we have been dating for almost 3years now,1st we were together for about 9month until for one reson or the other we had to separate to long distance finally we will be in the same place again from the ending of this month ......i cant wait.......i am just telling you a bit of mine to encourage you cos it requires a lot of patience and's a lot of sacrifice,my advice to you is communiciate with phone more often as well as mailing/chatting.... it makes u realise so much about a person especially when the moods kick in......but i pray it works out for you girl as it as for me.........

WeirdGurl said...

awww, tanx y'all.

@ yankeenaijachick
yeah i'm located abroad & he's also located abroad but we're in 2 different countries.

yes i really really love him

i trust his action when we're apart

he responds quite well on phone. but its been a while we talked and i'm going to address that soon

yes i'm young and dont need to be stressed in a relationship. we love each other. he's worth the long distance. i pray and hope we work. cos if we dont, this will be my last long distance, i aint going through that again. but hopefully we'll work and everything will be fine.

@ everyone
thanks for the advice and encouragement.

Anonymous said...