Sunday, 16 May 2010

Married? Then stick to your spouse! 1

I moved to a new house last october, and that house happened to be right up the hill, close to the top. Walking home was exhausting cos not only was it 20 mins away but its also hilly. I had a hard time recognising the house at first. After I moved in, on the second day I came back from school and guess what?! I couldn't recognise my house. Never felt so lost and silly like I did that day. And to make matters worse, I was out of phone credit and I couldn't call my housemates to ask for directions. I managed to type a strange message "help, lost up the hill. call" but alas the lack of credit lead to the message not being sent. I have this huge fear of dogs and hate walking on streets I'm not familiar with alone, for fear of meeting stray dogs. And there I was, on this new street of mine, with no idea which houses had dogs and whether the dogs were chained inside or not. I walked up the hill with fear. searching with my eyes for any stray dogs and getting ready to run for my life, and at the same time panicking that I had lost my way. I walked past a house with these huge dogs chained inside but barking fiercely at me. I was so scared that I ran past the house up the hill. I reached one house away from the top and there was a dog at the last house. It took me almost an hour to get to the top, and climbing down will be pure torture, and I couldn't check the last house cos a dog was there. The area looked deserted which didn't help my case. I was wondering how I'll go to a random house and ask for help (cos I definitely needed a free car ride down the hill). I had no option and went to one. I knocked on the door and this very hot guy came out of the house. Dang! I didn't expect that. lol. So I explained my predicament to hot guy and he gave me his phone to call my housemate. After making the call, he offered to drop me (finally got the free car ride, didn't have to walk down) down the hill. I'm not one to be attracted to buff and tattooed guys, but this was one exception. On our way down we engaged in a lil conversation. I could tell he was attracted to me too. He dropped me off, I didn't want that to be our last conversation. I felt he wanted to say something, but was holding back for some reason I didn't know at that moment.

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