Tuesday, 12 August 2008

TITHES (Have you paid your tithes?)

I was in a youth christian meeting last week saturday and our topic was about TITHES.
Lots of contributions were made by everyone and we read so many bible passages regarding this topic.
It made me realise that I had never paid my tithes ever since I was born, and thats like robbing from God
I'm a catholic and i've never had the importance of this topic stressed before, i'm not trying to raise anything controversial here so plsssssssss don't attack me
We had so many arguments on whether Tithes was meant for only those working or also for students, and we agreed that as a student we receive money from parents or other sources so thats also an earning
We also argued whether the money to get our tithes from included our house rent money or bills, I was like we're not working yet so it doesn't make sense removing from ur rent or bills cos thats the same thing as removing from ur tuition fees & thats insane, God understands all and for now it includes our pocket money, when we start working we can remove from all that
God blesses us abundantly, but I also that those who paid their tithes got theirs in a thousand folds
And I made up my mind that from this onwards I'll always pay my tithes and give atleast 1/10th o f my earnings/pocket money
I can't believe i've been robbing God all this while, God forgive me!
Well our God is ever loving and ever forgiving
I want to ask you this question
Have you paid or do you pay your Tithes?


Mz. Dee said...


i'm not a regular tither.. but i do pay my tithes sha.

inspirin post o!

doll said...

i pay tithes. sometimes in arrears. (like if i have pressing needs this month i can roll it over to next month and pay twice) i dont know if that is right sha o!

Mekistein said...

hmnn..a post we wld never imagine babyface to talk about..well nice...i no dey pay tithe too..God forgive....i intend waking up, so i can have financial abudance.

aloted said...

wow..i am so impressed by this post because i am a tither...u see my mum raised us up on tithing. I remember then when visitors gave us money my mum will tell us to remove our tithe before any other thing so i guess for me it comes more naturally. Even now when i get paid the first thing i remove is my tithe...

The way i see tithing is an appreciation to what God has given us. Everything we have belongs to him and giving him 1/10th of it shows that we acknowledge his ownership in our lives. I have never ever been stranded or lacked financially and I know it is because of God's blessing over me for being a tither. That's my belief.

Anyway am happy you have decided to become a tither and u'll definitely see the rewards. It will come back in thousand folds. Make sure u share ur testimonies :)

Sorry didnt mean to go on and on..lol oh yes I believe your tithe should come from any income u have and not expenses

Naija Idol said...

Chai. I dont pay tithes o.(God pls forgive me).I feel like such a sinner. evryone says i am. :(

Mekistein said...

lol....@ naija idol....Ur not a sinner ooo

@ Aloted, u didnt have to right an epistle.....lol

aloted said...

lol is my epistle affecting you somehow somehow..lol..it was primarily for baby face but am glad it got to you ;)

Buttercup said...

oh damn...i havent paid mine in a min..

Afrobabe said...

I guess being a catholic the importance of giving to the poor has always been stressed more than tithing...I went to a redeemed church and gave thite once..then ran back to the catholic church and continued giving to the poor..somehow I feel a hungry person will appreciate it more than a pastor that has a private plane...

WeirdGurl said...

@ mz. dee u're first! yay!

@ doll i guess its between u & God

@ mekistein hmmm, its God that created babyface naa. its good u intend waking up. the blessings are plenty, pressed down, shaken together, overflowing

@ aloted ur mum taught u well. I paid my first tithe yesterday. yay! I told the priest to bless it first.

aloted said...

awww good one girl..keep up the good work n u'll soon see d reward.
have a great week ahead

WeirdGurl said...

@ naija idol all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. we're all sinners but God's grace abounds. so no one is perfect or righteous my dear. we just have to work on the things we think that makes us sinners

@ mekistein lol

@ aloted it got to everyone of us. thanx

@ buttercup its not too late

@ afrobabe yeah thats true. giving to the poor is more stressed than tithing in the catholic church. i feel when we tithe or sow a seed in church, we shouldn't think of whether the money will be misused or not. we've done our part by tithing, and if the money is misused its between the pastors and God. The passages I saw on tithing, i'll look for them and post it here later, but it showed the importance of tithing, and its a totally different thing from charity, offerings and sowing seeds. but all are good and important. I don't know about other churches but in the Catholic church, some of the things both gifts and cash given to the priests, are sometimes given to the poor and less priviledged by the priests. my post is getting too long and i'm beginning to sound like a preacher. lol

Afrobabe said...

lol @ preaching...yes I agree that in the catholic church you actually see and meet the benficieis (hope thats the correct spelling oh) of the gifts and you feel good inside knowing you have fed someone...

other churches....naaaa I dont see it...

Anonymous said...

Good for you so you tithers are stealing the Lords credit by your own works.However, you only fulfilled one Old Testament required law for favor from God, but you still have 612 to go.
You can't do it, which is why Jesus came to fulfill the law for us and pay for the ones we have already broken. He paid it all in full and even said at the cross "it is finished". It's HIS works that count, Not Yours. Read your Bibles and see at No time were Gentiles commanded to tithe after Christ died. Christ has redeemed us from the Curse of the LAW including the tithe law!