Sunday, 10 August 2008

A blogger's resolution

I've made many blog resolutions and hope i'll keep them
Decided to start blogging about life in general instead of only on my love life
I visit other blogs but i'm always too lazy to leave comments, but from now on i'll leave comments
And i'll also start replying to comments on my blog posts
Laziness is bad o. lol. right now i'm even lazy to think of what to write
Sometimes i want to blog but either laziness or blogger's block happens
Wanted to blog about paying ur tithes yesterday but oga laziness struck again


aloted said...

Nice resolution... and tell lazy to leave u alone

doll said...

hope u can stick to it. LOL

Mz. Dee said...

Lazy shud go oo!!

hope u keep to this resolution tho....where's the tithe post eh?

WeirdGurl said...

@ aloted lazy have u heard what aloted said? she said i should tell u to leave me alone o. lol

@ doll so far so good. i'm sticking to it. lol

@ mz. dee lazy have u heard mz. dee? go oo!! i've been keeping to it so far. i've finally put up the tithe post

U said...
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