Wednesday, 13 August 2008

I'll never let you see the weakest me

Once bitten twice shy.
More on this post is coming soon, will update later.
I bind laziness. lol

Finally, I'm about to update. lol

I've formed the habit of not letting the weakest part of me show
My bf and I are cool now
Though its still not like it was but I'm not bothered
We talk like once in a while
He's through with school now and is preparing and studying for the mcat exams
When we started talking again I noticed he was emotionally distant
I didn't comment on that
But after some days I told him I noticed he was emotionally distant and didn't know why
He asked "how do you mean"
I told him I didn't know how but it just felt that way
He said he knows and that it was for the best for now
It made me wonder if exams and situations are emotionally draining or what
But the thing that amazes me is that I'm not even bothered or hurt
I'm not so crazy about him as before
Last month and the whole break thing put me through so much hurt, torture and pain that it made me stronger and a bit hardenned
I just let him be, more like I hardly contact him, when he comes to his senses he'll behave
I'm just enjoying my life and other blessings of life
I dream too much and work at it, and recently one of my dreams just came true
Things just click
I have many things to keep me busy
The difference between now and last month is that now I don't think, or wish or cry or bother myself about him
Whatever will be will be
I'll never let him see the weakest me


doll said...

first yay! oya i bind the spirit of lazyness

Mz. Dee said...

dis has gta be the shortest post ive ever seen o! lol

Skippy said...

laziness, that thing never gose away!

Mekistein said...

can't wait for this gist..

Buttercup said...

lol babe hurry up!

Dammy said...

Waiting for your update...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Parakeet said...

Mmm...I wonder why we let men do this to us or am I to blame love. Gosh...that thing has too much hold on us. Its natural to be distant after a break although I must say it never happened to me when i got back with my ex. It was like we were never apart for one day even though I'd gone off and got engaged to someone else before breaking that off and getting back with him.

I like your resolve not to let him see you in ur weakest but I'm also worried that your relationship still has a long way to go. My partner has seen me in my barest minimum and I've been weak and cried more times with him than at any other times in my life but I have no single regret cos I know it doesn't take away from who I am and he loves me just the same.

I dont know how long you've been seeing this dude but I'd say give it some more time and things may just get back to normal. You feeling hardened is because of the hurt you've been through and time will soften you my dears.

Hey...thanks for dropping over at mine.

Afrobabe said...

First of all...great playlist...

I errrm copy and paste everything parakeet said..

Lets not let them dictate how we feel...

ok, I better update my blog to a happier one before I advice such...*'ll be fine..

Lonnie Love said...

Lots of music to your words.

WeirdGurl said...

@ doll congrats for being first. hehehe. me too i bind the spirit of lazyness

@ mz. dee it sure was but i've made it longer. lol

@ skippy my dear abi o. but i'm overcoming it small small sha

@ mekistein this gist has finally come

@ buttercup the babe has hurried up. lol

@ dammy Hi. u're welcome. loved ur blog. i've finally updated mine

WeirdGurl said...

@ parakeet I don't know why they do that to us and why we let them. sometimes i hate this thing called love but no matter how much i hate it it still hits me. sheesh. A woman's heart. I've been seeing him for about or over a year now, i said about or over cos i don't know if last month counts since we were on a break then. I'm just giving it more time but i'm definitely not stressing myself or hurting. more like once bitten twice shy. no man aint gonna hurt me a second time. thanx. love ur blog.

@ afrobabe thanx. love music a lot. yeah i agree with u, we shouldn't let them dictate how we feel. update ur blog to a happier one o. *wink*.
hopefully i'll be fine. infact i'm already fine sef. lol

@ lonnie love yeah lots of music to my words. thanx for stopping by

Buttercup said...

awww thats really good! glad things r clicking..i admire ur strength..