Thursday, 7 August 2008

He's back though its not like it used to be

Guess what?!
The break/space is off
Though things are not like it used to be but it'll get better in time
This past month was a period of transition for me
It was a period of self discovery & it made me stronger
It was a period when I became my own best friend
It was a period where I learnt a lot of things about myself
It was a period where I smiled a lot and looked like everything was okay with me while I was tearing up inside
More like not letting anybody see my weakness
I guess things happen for a reason
And I actually gave him his space this past month
I remember that moment he told me, I couldn't breathe
This past moment was a period where I was confused and wondered if we were really over or if it was just for a while
I guess the latter was the case
I'll watch and see what happens as time goes on
The saying "let someone free, if he's truly yours he'll surely come back to you"
And he has come back to me
Right now I'm listening to Mariah Carey's "butterfly"

But things are good now
I don't think I can be any more hurt than I was last month
It just made me a stronger person
Anything that doesn't kill me only makes me stronger
I appreciate what happened cos I spent lots of time alone with myself and got more insights on a lot of things
And I spent a lot of time meditating on life in general

And its kinda funny that last month was when tons of guys decided to flirt with me
But I didn't flirt back
I had him on my mind all the time
Oh my! I'm such a faithful boon

Well its good, that means my future husband will have nothing to worry about
But he better be faithful too, cos I can't tolerate cheating


Standtall said...

Mi-lady. Just take it easy and do not rush into things. Be wise

WeirdGurl said...

Yea I'm taking it easy. I actually don't contact him first, he's the one that does. I'm wiser this time around. I'll be a fool to let myself get hurt a second time. So I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and see what happens with time. Don't worry my heart is shielded. Tanx.

Standtall said...

I am happy to hear this my love

doll said...

Good for you…LOL…am actually glad

doll said...

Well cuz I cant help but be blunt I must add hope u guys have discussed d issues, I mean why he really wanted the break, how he handled it, how much you hurt, etc cuz those issues have to be addressed they don’t just go away. All d best ok?

Naija Idol said...

thread glad y'all r back together nd hope ull able to communicate better.

aloted said...

hey good to hear he is back but like doll said make sure u guys discuss the issue..why he needed the break et al..

it is well with u

anonymous gal said...

well thank God HE came bac