Monday, 21 July 2008

Now we've become like total strangers

Somehow I let him see my post titled You said you needed space (don't worry he doesn't know my blog)
I sent it to him as a post, but its been more than a week he saw it
Well we text once in a while
We texted two days ago and boy did we sound like total strangers
Not good
Before the post we sounded like good friends
And after the post we're now like strangers
I dunno if the post was too harsh or if I over reacted
Don't like the fact that we sound like strangers
I'm kinda excited, can't wait to go on my mini vacation
And take my mind off everything
Its beach time! where are my bikinis. lol
Will just have fun and enjoy my life
I deserve it


Chari said...

wow....eeeyaa...I know the feeling...seeing as we are now in the same club..

Mekistein said...

jezzz....move on.....its

Mz. Dee said...

awww.... first i'm glad ur movin onn!!
Get ur bikiniz out jo.. me sef i'm goin to look for mine. mwahz!

Afrobabe said...

No doubt you will look great in ur bikini...have fun babes and hope you meet all kinds of hot hunks...

Kira Fashion said...

Have a great weekend!

a kiss for you!

anonymous gal said...

Emphasis on having fun and enjoyin ur life

wellsbaba said...

awww....I know ow it goes I bliv u guys shud still b cool nevadless...GO GIRL!

NikkiSab said...

Oh yels!!!! go out in d sun and have fun. D past is yesterday, make new stories today n tomorrow ok. Stay friends but dont worry, u'll heal gal.

doll said...

first time here……wow! WISH I COULD say something constructive….iv never been there….but I have watched people go through heart break…its hard…but I know people get over it…time heals wounds….even people that loose their loved ones to death get over it with time…just be determined……and don’t keep hoping that he will come back to you….infact aspire to have moved on and be uninterested when and if he comes back…..and don’t be too hard on your self…its ok I guess to cry or be down…’l mend u faster

Sha said...

Babes, leave him alone. dont be texting him or anything. If he sends u a text, yea reply him, but dnt be the one texting. He said he needed space, remember, so give it to him. I knw its hard but just ignore the dude for a while. Divert ur energy/time into other things. Find other things (not necessarily guys oh) to keep u busy. U'll be alright!