Thursday, 17 July 2008

Moving on (Thanks my blog family for all your support)

Its been 17 days now.
Wow time sure flies.
I just want to thank my blog family for all your love, advice, concern and support.
You guys have been trully amazing.
The crying has stopped, I'm beginning to sleep again which is a good sign.
The eating has not been very good but its improving
Been having workshops in church throughout this week in the evenings
And that has helped too
I got to mix with middle aged and elderly people mostly women and it has given me a fresher perspective to life
I'm much better now
Been doing things to keep me happy, smiling and laughing
Even though sometimes I just pause and miss him
Its funny but I still love him and will always love him
I guess he left his footprints on my heart
That is love for you o
I've just been working on different aspects of my life
Working on personal issues
I'm loving life and appreciating my family more
Cos my family will always be there for me and will never wake up one day and tell me they need space
When we go through a crisis we go through it together
My parents taught me great values and I'll always appreciate that
They're the best (I'm talking about immediate family not extended family)
Right now I'm just going to be single for a long while and focus on other things
Love stinks
Until proven fresh
Will head next week to another place very very far from where I live, more like a different country for three days
More like a breathe of fresh air
I'm holding up cos I'm a survivor,
And the mischievous and prankster part of me that I suppressed for more than a year cos I thought it was childish, is beginning to resurface again
I'm adding the flavor back to my life. lol
All the fun and craziness. lol
I'll just be myself
Thanks my blog family
You guys are the best
One love. Peace.


Ms. Diva said...

I know how it feels to finally move on, just believe you'll get sth better out there, but for now, just do you, be you, love you, explore you....for you...
one love

Bookie19 said...

Im happy to hear that you are doing better.. There are so many other things to focus on in life rather than sit around crying all are young, learn from your experiences...what does not kill you will only make you stronger

kay-shawn said...

Believe me I would have been first. I guess being third is not bad.
Glad to see that you've updated. Like I said I was here earlier but couldn't drop a comment as I had to quickly do something else.
Moving on is the best thing you could do for yourself. Move on, let it be in your past.
Please come over to my blog and have some fun. I have thrown an invitation to other bloggers to come and share with me some of the funniest, lamest, silliest pick-up lines they've heard in recent times. I bet you have several.

Lady Koko said...

*it is time*
*take my hand*
*lets journey through the world together*
*there's sooo much left to see*
*i wish i had the words to make you feel better......

Chari said...

Thank God ur better now sha...

ma work here is done...

Standtall said...

I am happy you r moving on

Mz. Dee said...

Aww.. glad ure better now babez!
I can breathe again...