Sunday, 23 November 2008

Can't be with the one I love

I picked up my pen to write,
but the words didn't come,
how does it feel,
When you can't be with the one you love,
words can't express how I feel,
to love him,
but can't be together,
separated by distance and circumstance,
in different continents,
circumstance can change with time,
but When will the distance change.
I'll wait for you I tell him,
Baby, I don't want you to wait for me and at the end we're not together (cos of distance) he tells me,

Move on baby and remember I'll always love and Miss you he tells me,
if we're meant to be together and if its God's will, nothing can change that he tells me.
When circumstances changes and he comes back, and if I'm available then its God's will and we'll be together he tells me,
I agreed to move on cos I didn't want him to feel he was tying me down,
and he didn't want me to be sad,
he told me to take care of myself and always keep in touch,
I will always love him and Miss him,

I agreed to move on
but a part of me is secretly waiting for him
and hoping and praying the distance changes with time,
he's in that phase of a man's life Where he's trying to find himself,
with time I know he will,
I know the only way we can be together with time is if the distance changes,
and I don't know how soon thats going to happen. :(


Standtall said...

What's going on?ta

Standtall said...

Hope this isnt straight from the heart

WeirdGurl said...

Its straight from the heart.

Naija Idol said...

wow. so sorry.hope u get better with time. dont even know wat to say.

Anonymous said...

I sure know how you feel in this instance. Take care!!

Standtall said...

Dont worry mi-lady. There are a brighter days ahead

Bombchell said...

=( [big hugs]

WeirdGurl said...

Thanks people. I'm better now. :-)

PJ said...

The same happened to me.
It will take him 8 years to finish his studies..
I don't know what to do...
Can we really be just a friends till the time comes...?