Sunday, 28 September 2008

I love him with a love I cannot explain

I love him with a love I cannot explain
I love him so much you won't understand
Sweet memories of yesterdays still lingers on in my mind
Even though things are complicated
I know I'll always love him no matter what happens
I know true love will stand the test of time

His sweet tenderness
His gentleness
His sweet love
His heart

I know we will both triumph in the end
Our love will guide us through
It will all be good in the end

My love I will love you as long as I live
I will wait for you my love
My heart yearns for you
You're the reason I believe in love


Anonymous said...

I love him too.....and we could neva explain it

how are you?

Naija Idol said...

nice one!

gbengasile said...

This love is strong o. What’s up? Where have u been gurl? Takia.

WeirdGurl said...

@ Kin'shar I'm gud. Love is sooo complicated.

@ Naija Idol thanx

@ Gbengasile I've been on planet earth, not just on blogsville. Had a lot on my plate, but I'm back now :-
). How ve u been? Tk cr too.